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Well Equipped for Your Needs

Fluoresco can successfully manage the installation process through and including the following elements:
Site Surveys / Code Research

Our professional field surveys ensure all details are correctly accounted for and include site-specific information. Questions can quickly arise regarding code regulations and ordinances. Additionally, physical elements like building dimensions, existing signage, mounting considerations, site photos, and traffic conditions will be recorded and documented.

Landlord Research

Fluoresco can do the legwork to accommodate landlord and customer needs, including property and municipality ordinance research and assistance with negotiations.

Permits & Procurement
Fluoresco prepares and submits the permit application, including engineering drawings/plans and any other appropriate documentation.
Having an in-house installation staff in the southwest region and a network of subcontractors throughout the United States allows us to provide ultimate control over our projects for nearly any time and at nearly any location.
Site Validation
As the final inspection before launch and with a checklist in hand, the project installation team walks through each point of examination with the client, ensuring all aspects look and function correctly.
Fluoresco Services
Fluoresco Services